Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Training Day

Well we have made it to St Louis, I will have a busy day in the classroom all day and Michelle will have the luxury of being here and getting the chance to run around and see St Louis. Something tells me she will be taking a trip to the Arch and a few other sites around the city.

We are in between Busch Stadium where the Baseball Cardinals play and right across the street from the Edward Jones Dome where the Rams used to play before they moved back to Los Angeles.

I'll be busy all day in the class room, going over new procedures and changes for the 2017 data collection year and if it is anything like Raleigh was, it's going to be a long intense day of training and going over things. Fortunately it is mostly going to be a review of what we are pretty much already doing and it's tweaks rather than learning all new material. I'll have to do this training every year, the city always varies. Last year it was in Columbus Ohio so it's hard to say where we will be next year. it will be nice to put some faces behind a few voices and finally meet my supervisor face to face.

Have a Great Day.

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