Sunday, March 08, 2015

Brother Search Update

Five Siblings Long Ago
Well we had a great breakthrough on our Sibling Search yesterday. Earlier in the week I had written a letter to Carol Pava Casey trying to get confirmation on my research to date. Was I on the right track or did my search go off in the wrong direction. I just needed some kind of confirmation or denial before I perused anything any further.

Yesterday afternoon I got the call I was waiting for. Carol is alive and living in Nevada and that was confirmed directly from her herself.

We spoke for about an hour and she did confirm that she had Dad did have a child some years ago. It was a different time than we live in today and pregnancies were not looked at as we accept them today.

She did confirm that she loved Dad and wanted to get married, but Dad picked her one day with another Woman (that is going to have to be another search altogether) and Dad told her she was pregnant as well and he wanted to Marry her. This woman's name was Cindy Hollingsworth who my Mom knew, but has confirmed that she and her husband had passed away years ago.

After my Dad told this to Carol her family put her into the William Booth Memorial Hospital for Unwed Mothers that was run by the Salvation Army where she lived until she gave birth and she moved to live with an Aunt in California and finish High School.

The sibling was confirmed to be a lost Brother, and he was born on October 1, 1962 which is pretty much everything my Dad had initially told me but he just said a couple years older. 14 months older is what it turned out to be and his birth name given to him by Carol was Curt Douglas Pava, but we are all quite sure that that changed due to there being a closed adoption.

Now the good news, Carol is also searching for this lost child. Her and her Daughters have been searching but have hit a roadblock, I'm hoping with my resources that we can advance this search and find an answer for all.

I do have permission to call her again, so the good news is that there is an open line of communication which makes this whole thing a lot easier. I did make a promise to Carol and I will keep it. If I run across the lose siblings identity or location first, I will give her the honor of meeting and speaking with him first before us.  I feel it is the absolute least I could do since she has provided so much specific information that will hopefully allow us to complete this search. The two sides working together to achieve a common objective is more than appreciated and will strengthen everyone's resources and search and greatly increase the chances of us finding our answer.

I will update as needed.

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