Monday, January 03, 2022

Let's Get This 2022 Work Year Started

My back-to-back three-day weekends are now completed, Christmas and New Years are over with and it's time to back to work and start the 2022 work year. It's time we take our collective noses and stick them back onto the grindstone and get a real good start at making this rock a better place to live on for all of us. 

I start my training and certification to do fieldwork for RTI this week, Wednesday afternoon specifically which is OK with me. It just means that Wednesday will be a long day for me as I go through all the new material and changes for 2022. Instead of having to travel for Certifications (usually to St Louis) we are once again making it a short day and doing it home-based through some screen sharing software. It's how we did it last year, however this year I'll have a new Supervisor as COVID protocols changed who can and can not work. I'm fully vaccinated and boosted, so I'm good to go. I'm not sure what the number was, but I'm hearing we lost 25% of the field interviewers across the nation due to COVID protocols and vaccine requirements. 

So what did everyone get into in your extended weekend and time off? I had a number of football games playing in the background but only watched a little as it was mainly for background noise. I did make it through binge-watching season 4 of Kobra Kai. A few naos were in store and basically recharging myself for what's coming up, it was a cold and rainy weekend, so the weather was in fact perfect for taking a nap or two. 

Have yourselves a great day. a great start of a new work year and a great workweek, let's go make this a better world. 

Hi ho hi ho

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