Thursday, May 19, 2016

Photo Flashback Thursday

Once a week I like to take a little bit of time out, time to look back through the 30,000+ pictures that I have either captured with a camera, scanned or just stolen from some place on the internet and select just one picture. One lost moment in time to post up and relive briefly right here for everyone. Sometimes this is a little challenging and sometimes it's a breeze, it's always a lot of fun so no complaints from me.

This weeks picture is serving a double purpose for me. One it is a flashback to a Rosiak 4th of July Picnic and two it's a picture of me and a very special lady who is having a Birthday today. Today is Trish Donaldson's Birthday so I had to find a way to sneak her into my Photo Flashback for the day.

Like I said this picture was taken at a 4th of July event that I have been going to for I think 17 years now, this year will make the 18th consecutive year that I have been attending the Rosiak Family 4th of July Picnic. Trish's Mom and Dad put on the party every year and it's a great time that includes a big water battle. I've been going to that party for so long I watched her cousin go from a young kid to a budding author, whom I own his work from Amazon.

Have yourselves a great day and don't forget to wish Trish a Happy Birthday today.

Hi ho hi ho

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