Monday, May 23, 2016

I'm Back

It was 2010, going on six years ago that I retired from a long career of playing slow pitch softball every summer. My summers were filled with friends, great teams and a lot of memories that all ceased with the breakup of the old MiHaley's softball team.

In 2011 Michelle and I were planning our wedding and we were getting ready to start our lives together. I had been losing interest in the game for the last couple of years that I had been playing. It got to the point where it became more of a chore than something I loved so I retired from a game that I loved playing for so long.

Last fall I ran into an old team mate at Lowes and mentioned we should try to get into the new over 50 league that Boparc was going to try to do, well he took it to heart, got us a great sponsor in Whitetail Crossing and put together a roster of some pretty decent ballplayers and this is the beginning of the Championship we plan on winning this season.

Our first games, actually two games, will be this evening at 6:00 and 7:00 at Ogden Field. It will be nice to get together with four other members of my first BOPARC softball team, the old Press Box as well as a few others that I have played with or against the past few years.

My skills I'm quite sure have diminished, I'm probably no longer the feared hitter that I once was, as I have not picked up bat and swung it probably since this picture was taken years ago. I am eagerly anticipating returning to the fields that I spent so many summers on playing a game that I loved and returning to playing a game that I loved so much.

Have yourselves a great day and hope I survive

Hi ho hi ho

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