Saturday, May 07, 2016

Saturday Morning Rambling

Here I sit once again in a semi-quiet household, I am wondering if Phin ever sleeps to tell you the truth. She is always up and is always playful. I'm up watching White Men Can't Jump on the television and collecting my thoughts on the day.

We are taking Pearl into the garage this morning to have the front brakes changed. It's something that I would normally do, there is a lot less muss or fuss taking it to the garage to have it done. I just figure it's a little easier to have it done than to do it myself. Who knows with this weather lately if I am going to have a dry place to do them.

Other than that no big plans for the day. I don't want to over exert Michelle, she was diagnosed with Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Thursday and was in a lot of pain yesterday. She really needs to see someone about this and WVU can't get her into a rheumatologist until December 6th which is kind of ridiculous considering the States largest medical facility is about a mile from where we live plus there is another large medical facility about as close. She may have to look into her options.

Yesterday was total gridlock around Morgantown, it was the last day of finals and the day the students had to be out of the dorms. Hopefully today it will ease up a little bit and by next Sunday after Commencement they will all be gone until the fall giving Morgantown residents some peace and quiet.

Have yourselves a great day.

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