Sunday, May 15, 2016

Meet Peanut

Well here I sit in a semi-quit household, Peanut our new house cat and I are up watching beerfest and collecting our thoughts on this wonderful day.

We picked up Peanut yesterday with a little assistance of an internet search.  We were suffering from an empty household and this little bundle of joy that I found was exactly what the Doctor ordered.

She is very playful, very loving and an absolute bundle of joy that is about to be one very spoiled cat. Sophie took to her instantly, but not as quickly as Michelle did who fell in love with her at first site. Peanut is a name she has always used for little babies, and this is the name that this little kitten was given. You can never replace a lost pet, but you can always find a new one with a different personality to share memories with.

If you are ever in search of a pet, I suggest Petfinders to assist you in finding a specific animal, breed, or aged animal that meets your search parameters. We got very lucky as Peanut was exactly what we were looking for and she was in a very close city that didn't take too long to travel to (Point Marion, PA) to retrieve her. Peanut was already litter trained and has had her first set of shots.

I will say that this little bundle of joy has brought back a lot of joy that was just missing in this household this past week. We honor the fallen and will never forget them, but we look to the future with great expectations of parenting the perfect replacement.

Have yourselves a great day.

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