Monday, January 18, 2016

Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday

Today is a day that we take a little bit of time out and celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr, the slain Civil Rights leader whom we now celebrate his Birthday as a Federal Holiday. So that means my extended weekend just extended one more additional day today.

Dr King's birthday was actually January 15th, the same day as Michelle and her Sister Chris celebrate their Birthdays.

No plans for today, but I will start a part time job on Fridays this week with a company called TNG to try to temporarily offset the loss in funding that I am currently experiencing. Not a long term solution, more of a short term band aid until the future looks a little clearer as to what direction I may need to go in the near future. I'm also looking into starting my own business, but am still very much in the research and development phase of that. The NAICS codes that I am going to be filing under are 541360 Geophysical Surveying and Mapping Services and 541370 Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services. I'll keep everyone informed as this starts to develop.

Like I said, I'm off today, so everyone who is working have yourselves a great day.

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