Thursday, January 21, 2016

From the National Weather Service

Please take the time today to plan ahead for the next 3+ days. This is a major winter storm headed to us tomorrow. Most areas, including Morgantown, is expected to receive a foot of snow and possibly closer to 2 feet of snow in Eastern Monongalia.
Heavy wet snow is expected. One inch an hour for 12 or more hours is possible. What does that mean?
1. Impossible to clear roadways during the storm. You should not travel unless you absolutely have to. If you do travel put some extra blankets, food, water in your car.
2. Trees unable to withstand the accumulating snow will bring down power and other utility lines. Temps will remain below freezing. This means prolonged power outages until crews can reach areas to repair them. Plan ahead for safe heating and personal needs without power.
3. Heavy wet snow could cause structural collapses or cause trees to fall into residential or commercial buildings. Plan ahead to have a To-Go Kit ready should you need to seek further shelter due to this or power/heat outages.
4. Do not try to shovel snow. Heavy wet snow shoveling is very dangerous and exerting. Check on elderly & those with special needs if you can. BE A NEIGHBOR!
5. Refill medications, child care supplies, pet supplies, non perishable food, and bottled water BEFORE FRIDAY AFTERNOON.
It's BETTER to be overly prepared than NOT prepared.

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