Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Birthday George Hall Sr

It will be 14 years this summer since you left us, a time that was way too early because we did not get enough time to spend with you. You were only 54 years old, when you passed in 1999. Today we would have been celebrating your 68th birthday.

I'm sure that there would have been one of those infamous George Hall cookouts, all while you trying to ignore the fact that is was your birthday.

The cookouts of yesteryear, the ones that are still spoke about 25 years later that you hosted for not only the family but the extended family as well. You just liked being around your family, your kids and your grand kids whose souls you have touched even to this day. I was at Terri's yesterday looking over some old pictures as Amy was scanning them. I remembered your birthday was close to Mothers Day, but Val was the one who reminded us all that your birthday was today. Even more evidence of the people you have touched.

If I could have one with today, it would be to tell you Happy Birthday, Thank You for all you have done for us and we miss you.

Happy Birthday Dad.

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