Saturday, May 04, 2013

Congratulations Trish and Joe Donaldson

Yesterday after work Michelle and I went to Jackie's home in Preston County to witness the marriage of a long time friend of ours and her Fiancee Joe.

It was a small and informal ceremony, but a very nice one hosted by her long time best friend Jackie Thompson. It was nice to see our extended family grow with the addition of Joe and it was nice to be there for the new Mrs. Donaldson.

It was very windy up there and a little colder than in Morgantown, I managed to capture it on video for everyone to enjoy, the only problem was my microphone was very sensitive and caught all of the wind, screwing up the audio part of it.

After the wedding a reception was held at the same location, where old friends and new friends sat around and reminisced about a number if things.

Congratulations to Joe and Trish,  may you have a long, happy, loving and fulfilling life together. Thank you for allowing Michelle and I to be a part of this special day.

Video below.

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