Sunday, February 11, 2024


Here I sit in a quiet household, except for Kiwi that is who is still trying to pen a love song for Taylor Swift. He still think's he has more to offer her than Travis Kelce does. Sure he's playing in today's Superbowl, but Kiwi says that he can fly. 

Michelle did some baking yesterday, she did this dutch oven pepperoni and cheese bread and made a pepperoni and cheese loaf as well as some pepperoni rolls. I was working yesterday morning, so she did some running around including a trip to Aldi's to pick up a few things before she spent an afternoon of baking fresh breads. 

So what is on today's agenda? Grocery shopping, the very little bit of it we need to do and other than that getting ready to watch the big game. Might even start our taxes, I bought this years version of our tax software, Tax Cut  which I always use.  50% off from the listed price, and even $10 cheaper than buying it at WalMart. Michelle had an access code for me for online insite study and I earned a $10 Amazon Gift card just for signing up, so my tax software was only $15.00

So big game today, Kiwi is excited to see his potential new girlfriend. Wings will be on the dinner menu this evening as well as a couple of cheeseballs and a few other snacks. Who do you have? I have the Chiefs winning it again this year. 

Have a great day  and enjoy some Superbowl festivities. 

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