Thursday, February 22, 2024

Photo Flashback Thursday

Once a week I like to take a little bit of time out, time to look at some of the 30,000+ photos that I have stored on my computer. Little lost moments in time that I either captured with a lens, scanned, or just stole from someplace on the internet. I like to find just one and post it up and recall or relive the picture to the best of my ability. Sometimes this is a pretty easy task and sometimes it's not that easy, one thing it has always been a lot of fun.

This one is from a couple of years ago, we had taken a trip to Hovatters and I was able to pry Michelle away from the Giraffes long enough to go into the bird enclosure. If you know Michelle, she loves animals and this day was no different (although don't tell Kiwi about this, he'll get jealous). 

We usually take at least one trip to Hovatters every season. I like to support the local zoos and Hovatters has grown and grown and has really become an amazing place to visit. 

Have yourselves a great day. 

Hi ho hi ho

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