Saturday, February 17, 2024


Here I sit in a quiet household, and by quiet that ignores Kiwi in his cage singing songs from the Wonka movie as he is dancing around and singing. He's such a happy bird. 

I'm working once today. Friday and Saturday are my one job a day days with me working both jobs Monday thru Thursday. Today I will  be doing GIS and working on my own schedule, last week I started at 5:00 to get done in the early afternoon. That's the plan for today and I'm off tomorrow. I enjoy the job I'm doing today and in the evenings, the other job is just me learning a new piece of software so I can say I have experience with it. 

A few weeks ago my old buddy Phil said that Spring was right around the corner, have we crossed that corner yet? It doesn't appear as though we have, do you think Phil and French Creek Freddie may have both been fibbing? I'm ready for the warmer weather, the days are getting longer and we are only about three weeks from springing out clocks forward an hour for Daylight Savings time. 

No other plans for the day, but you never know what we might get into. 

Have yourselves a super-fantastic day

Hi ho hi ho

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