Sunday, February 04, 2024


Here I once again sit in a semi-quiet household, Kiwi is in his cage singing songs from the Wonka movie and doing the aviary version of the Oompa Loompa dance 🦜.  He is definitely a content little bird.

So what is on today's agenda?  Obviously grocery shopping this morning and doing the rest of the house chores as we prepare for the upcoming work week. I did go grocery shopping last Sunday, it was my first time heading to Krogers in some time, but I think today Michelle is going to do the shopping as I stay here and get a few things done. She said I slowed her down last week as she has been use to going in and grabbing what she wants and getting out of there.  I'm about 95% recovered, it's just quicker and more efficient for us to do it this way. 

We did jump ahead of next week a little bit. Superbowl weekend everyone is going to want to find chicken wings to cook or order. We prefer to do ours at home so we made sure we got Chicken Wings from Sams to beat the rush and stay ahead of the game. I know there have been a couple of years when we struggled to find them on gameday, that's not happening this year. 

I did make a couple of good job contacts this past week, had an interview with one and had someone contact me about one here in Morgantown. Not sure if anything will come of either of those, but you never know. I thought my interview went very well to be honest and it is one I would accept if offered. 

Make this a special day and make it memorable. 

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