Sunday, March 05, 2023

Sunday Funday

Here Lord Kiwi and I sit once again, he insists that I refer to him as Lord Kiwi now since he assisted me with my tax returns yesterday. And by assisted he was chirping for me to hurry the hell up and come over and talk to him. Now he is just in his hut relaxing. 

I did finally finish up and pay my taxes yesterday, we owe the Federal Government money I spent yesterday, but we're getting money back from the State for the first time in probably a decade or so. I am spending more to the Federal Government than am getting back from the State. Overall I'm down like less than $100 between the two, so I guess I'll be happy with that result. 

So what is on today's agenda? Grocery shopping and weekly chores will start the day. Michelle is wanting to make the dutch oven bread she made two weeks ago and attempt to perfect it a little bit. If you ask me however that bread was absolutely perfect. She tried a different type of dutch oven bread last week that was really good, but I think this week she wants to do this one again. You know, everyone loves warm bread. 

Other than that I'll write my blogs for the week which I do every Sunday. I write Monday thru Thursday Blogs and then write Fridays later in the week. 

I did something that I enjoyed yesterday. I grew up watching the New Zoo Review pretty much on a daily basis as a kid growing up. Now their daughter has a Facebook page dedicated to the show, and yesterday Doug and Emmy Jo did a live stream on Facebook yesterday. It was a lot of fun, as this was my show when I was a kid and here we were 50 years later. 

Have yourselves a wonderful Sunday, make it a memorable one. 

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