Saturday, March 18, 2023

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here Lord Kiwi and I sit, he thinks he is now royalty and wants me to refer to him as Lord Kiwi because he sent out and paid for the title on the internet, in a quiet household. We're up discussing whether pork or turkey sausage tastes better. I like Turkey sausage with breakfast and Kiwi, well he only eats nuts so what would he know about Sausage. 

I'm out doing laundry today since Michelle did it last week, so I will do it this week and let her sleep in a little bit this morning. Happy wife, Happy life.  

My NCAA Basketball bracket is kind of weak this year. I usually get in a group with some guys I used to work with and their church. This year my bracket is nowhere near as strong as it has been in past years. I have Kansas winning it all again this year, but it's some of the supporting teams and upsets are going to be what is going to hurt me. 

I have no plans for the day, I'm not sure what Michelle has planned. I know her and Chris were talking about going and grabbing her Mom and going to do some shopping for her. You know the basic necessities for clothing that needs to be periodically replaced. 

Have yourselves a great day

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