Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Hump Day

Two days down, two more ahead of us, now we just need to get up and over this noon time hump. What is on the other side of that noon time hump, just off in the distance beyond the Photo Flashback you ask? Another fun filled weekend to celebrate.

Well kind of, I'll be out doing field work this evening as well as working both days this weekend for RTI. Tonight I will be working locally and this weekend I will be traveling to where I went last weekend and worked. Michelle will be going back home Friday evening to for a birthday party Saturday for her nephew Jonny.

The rain has been hitting us pretty good this week, I got rained out Monday night from Softball and last night I had to bring my office umbrella to my car to stay dry as I walked to the parking garage. It's definitely a wet week.

Do you know what starts today? High School Football teams can get together and officially begin fall drills for the season. I would like to make it to a game or two this year, I really used to love High School football and used to go all the time.

Have yourselves a superfantabulous day.

Hi ho hi ho

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