Saturday, August 25, 2018

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit in a semi-quiet household, Chad's in his room just laughing up a storm playing some online game and I'm sitting here collecting my thoughts for the day and watching the Faculty on the boob tube behind me.

The Johnny Koon Light Up the Night Lantern and Butterfly Release is this evening at 6:30 at Wesmon Park in Westover. Michelle and I have gone the past few years to donate money to the Johnny Koon Brain Tumor Research Fund at WVU Children's Hospital and release some butterflies and lanterns into the sky for some majestic photo shots. It's a good cause and a lot of fun, grab the kids and head on over and enjoy the evening.

It was 38 years ago today that I lost someone every special to me. August 25, 1980 was the day that my Grandma Hall had passed away. I was raised by my Grandparents and my Grandfather had passed away a little over three years earlier, and it was me and her for the last three years of her life as I watched her wilt away to nothing due to the cancer she was fighting. A lot of who I am today, especially my getting up in the wee hours of the morning can be attributed to this wonderful woman. She was old school, she would wake up around mid night on laundry days do do laundry, on Sundays her mornings would start just as early as she started to make her home made rolls for the sunday feast she was going to prepare. I'm a better man today because of her stern discipline and leading by example to establish a work ethic. She is missed greatly.

I'll be heading out today to work, I'll be local or at least those are my plans. I may have to travel next weekend to do a little clean up. I thought I was working much closer than I am, I was asked to travel just to the south but it seems like I will have to travel about an hour and a half to the east. It is what it is.

Have yourselves a great day and come out and donate a few bucks this evening.

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