Sunday, February 11, 2018


Here I sit on a quiet Sunday Morning, me and Detective Peanut are up looking for the bathroom rug thief, I'm sitting here waking up and collecting my thoughts on the day. The end of the movie Wonder Woman is my background noise as it's on the TV, but I'm not watching it.

Well we had a change of plans yesterday, instead of going to Pittsburgh we ended up going to Terra Alta and Ball Outlet to look and see what they had. Michelle ended up buying a couple sets of King Size Bed Sheets for about a third of what we would have bought them for at JCPenny. While we were up there we tried Shorthorns, a place I had heard a lot about and saw it when I was working in Terra Alta. I have to say, this place is more than worth the trip. Amazing food and it's just an amazing place to just walk through. They have the oldest Model T in West Virginia fully restored sitting right in the saloon. First class establishment all the way.

After Terra Alta, I wanted to get some new clothes for work so we headed to the Morgantown Mall. Penny's is remodeling, so the choice was limited but Belk on the other hand is going out of business and everything is 70% off. Talk about being able to find a number of deals. The store is starting to thin out, but there is still a great deal of merchandise to choose from. We did run into Trish, Layla and Arron at the Mall as they were going out for a late lunch or a early dinner.

Our day of adventure did come to an end with a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond, Michelle wanted some new Pillows (she is the pillow queen) for the bed Penny's didn't have much of a selection. That and we exchanged a set of Chad's sheets that have a lifetime warranty on them as they wore a little thin.

It was  a good day, Michelle and I finally got a chance to get out and spend some quality time together instead of being cooped up inside the house.

Today, grocery shopping, laundry and preparing to go back to work tomorrow.

Have yourselves a great day today.

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