Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday Morning Rambling

Here I sit up a little bit earlier than normal today, Chad is still up watching TV in his room and I'm here surfing the net with the TV playing in the background.

I think we are going to take a trip to Harry's this morning, that is the butcher that we have been using and buying all of our meat from. I have no idea why I ever bought meat from a grocery store, this meat is always fresh, better priced and always the best choice. The retail portion is just a part of their business, they mainly do meat cutting and processing. They actually shut down for a couple weeks this past fall ton concentrate just on the cutting, but the trip is more than worth it especially to stock up a little which is what we do.

I think this afternoon we are going to go over to Chris and Jim's and keep sorting through the trailer. Michelle has Ice (her car) full of boxes and bubble wrap for all the glassware. Jim said he should have taken two trailers up, there was just that much stuff but ownership of her home changed last Saturday morning and time was of an essence to get everything out. Hence why Michelle went back home last Friday.

Weather permitting, I may try to fly the drone a little bit this afternoon or this weekend. Just around the house so I can once again familiarize myself with the controls and maneuvering of the drone. Hopefully the weather is cooperative today.

Have yourselves a great day. 

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