Monday, February 05, 2018

I made it.

I have finally made it to a day that has been messing with me for some time, a day that you have to question your own mortality and wonder if you will make it to that date.

It was July 20, 1999 that my father was 19,790 days since his birth, that my Father's time on this earth had come to an end. At age 54 I said then that he was way too young to have passed away, he had missed out on way too much of life by dying at that point of his life.

Today is my 19,790th day since I was born, the exact same age my Father was when he passed away. He had two sisters, Juanita who passed away at 58 years of age and Glenna Mae who made it to 46 years of age, so the thoughts of my own Mortality have come into question as I approached my Father's exact age that he passed.

Now it's time to start counting the other way, how much longer that I am going to live than my Father did.

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