Sunday, June 25, 2017

We're Coming Home

We had a great time yesterday at Mr and Mrs Calvin and Jeannetta McClain's wedding. I have an album started on Facebook, but have many more pictures that I will add to the album later today.

The wedding was simucast as well and we got pictures, video and 360° pictures of the wedding, and the reception. I think that this event has been pretty well documented and the entire wedding was very well planned and executed. It was mine and Michelle's honor to be there and witness my Nephew getting married to the love of his life.

Today we'll be loading up the suitcases and hitting the road to return home. It was a beautiful drive coming down here yesterday, the view was almost majestic the entire way here, this is some beautiful country if you have never been here. Well worth the trip if for nothing more than the view.

I hope everyone has a great day today and lives it to its fullest. I would say that this trip was a nice battery recharge to say the very least.

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