Sunday, June 11, 2017


Well I can't say I'm the first one up this morning as my wife is now tending to sleep less than I do. She was already wide awake and drinking a cup of coffee by the time that my eyes opened up this morning.

Well with no plans yesterday Michelle got excited and had a great idea. She wanted to go out and do something with this great look of expectation upon her face that you had to say yes to no matter what it was, she wanted to go and visit the zoo or Hovatters Zoo as the name so many know it by.

I took my camera and of course got quit a few pictures of Michelle having an absolute ball. They have made a number of improvements and additions to the facility since our last visit last season with the most notable change being the Aviary section where there were literally hundreds of parakeets that you were enclosed with. We purchased the "One of everything" bag to feed the animals and it included a Popsicle stick dipped in honey with bird food on it.

 They did hire a new worker to help separate all of the food that they they sell to customers, but his mind seemed to be many other places and he kept monkeying around and not getting the job done quick enough. I think he was about as entertaining as any of the other animals but he was working in the main shop area. To say that he was the center of attention in that area would have been an understatement.

The zoo has made many improvements since last year including new watering systems for the enclosures, some new enclosures that are being built, the aviary section and they have finished the alligator section. If you have not visited this zoo this year or recently, it's more than worth the trip. This is our local zoo and it is growing, go and support their effort and know that these are some very well taken care of animals and this is a very caring staff.

That was yesterday, what's on our agenda for today? We're smoking a pork loin wrapped in bacon!!!!

Have a great day today.

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