Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday Tidbitless

I have to admit, that Tuesday's tidbits is the most redundant and time consuming blog that I post during any week. It's almost like I am brainless and on auto-pilot. Yet here I am yet once again not writing one.

I have to be honest, my blog in general may have run it's course, everything has become redundant and I've lost any originality that I once used to have. It's almost as if I just repost canned bullshit week after week and never really express anything about myself. Maybe it;s writers block, maybe I've lost interest in doing something that I have done pretty much every day for about 13 years.

It is a great reference point for me when I am trying to pinpoint a specific event down, but then again some events I do not write about as I've learned a long time ago to not air dirty laundry on the internet.

Maybe it's that I have too much time on my hands and am not motivated to write, as I do best when I don't have time.

Will I keep writing my blog, I would say probably, but there are times when it does become burdensome like inopportune times when I have forgotten to write it. I used to enjoy writing it as it was a whole lot of fun, but anymore it's just more burdensome and a pain in the butt.

Anyways, have a great day.

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Kim SanJulian said...

Just take Blog break for awike. Something at one point will be motivating enough for you to reignite it.