Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Another Tidbitless Tuesday

I'm getting pretty consistent of missing my Tuesday's Tidbits. I've lost track of how many times in a row now that I did not post my regurgitated numbers out once again. I have an excuse however, I have been really sick since we got back from Virginia.

I don't know if I just caught a very serious bug or whether it was food poisoning, but it was not pretty and not the type of illness that I would wish upon anyone. I was just not myself and felt very much under the weather since we got back.

Well now with two weddings out of the way so far this summers, now it's time for us to turn our attention to the Friends and Family Picnic this weekend. This will be the fourth year in a row for this event, not sure if there will be a fifth one due to my situation, but we'll just have to wait and see.

I hope everyone has a great day today, I have a kickoff meeting this morning for the third quarter work for RTI so it should be a busy day for me.

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