Saturday, June 24, 2017

Travel and Wedding Day

For Calvin and Jeannetta the countdown stops, all the preparation and planning is has come to fruition and we have arrived at their special day. I am honored to be able to witness these two love birds tying the knot of Matrimony and welcoming Jeannetta into the family officially although she has actually been a part of it for a while, now she has the hardware and paper to prove it. 

Michelle and I will be heading out later this morning and heading to the venue later this morning, We're going to give ourselves plenty of time to get there and are planning on getting there a little early to see everyone and spend a little bit of time with them. I'm taking my regular camera, my video camera and my 360° camera down with me, so hopefully I can get some decent images to share. I've already created the Facebook Album to share the moments for those who were not able to make the trip and be there in person. 

Harrisonburg is about three hours away from Morgantown, so this is a trip that we will do over a couple of days and returning tomorrow morning. Michelle and I are actually staying in Staunton Virginia taking advantage of my annual free night for being a IHG Platinum Member. We were going to stay at one of the local hotels, but we missed the window to book any of the blocked off rooms and the special rate. 

Should be a great day, I've never ventured into this part of (East) Virginia so it will be an adventure. Michelle and I have been in the state of Virginia together, but that was only in Dulles Airport coming back from St. Louis earlier this year. We're planning on having a great day, I hope you do the same. 

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