Sunday, June 04, 2017

Sunday Morning Ramblings

Ray the Mechanic
Good morning everyone, I'm up early once again and watching who knows what on HBO as I collect a few empty minded thoughts that are rattling around in my empty head this morning.

Today's plans are to travel, we will be heading East later this morning to the land of high hills and valleys that is Cumberland Maryland. We will be going down for Paul and Lynn's son Trent's High School Graduation Party somewhere in the Cumberland area. It has been a couple of years since I have seen them, but Michelle sees and talks to them more than I do as they usually stop in and say hello when they come to Morgantown. Should be a great day.

Changed the brakes on LP yesterday, I did all of them all the way around the car yesterday, despite what the picture shows Michelle (or Ray as her Mechanic name) really was a huge asset in helping me get the brakes changed. We had trouble on the first wheel as we could not get the caliper over the new brake pads. We struggled and struggled and struggled to get them on but it wasn't that successful....until I realized that as a safety precaution I had the tire under the brakes and the jack was slipping and resting the car on the tire, hence moving the rotors and making it impossible to put on. Once we figured that out, we changed the last three in less time than it took us to do the first one.

We had a great day yesterday and got about everything done, now it's just a day of travel and relaxation.

Oh an update on the financial situation from last week. We got all of our money back, no the bank has not contacted me about criminal charges yet, but it could have been just something as simple as another BBT client just transposing the wrong account information in three times. I do not know who did it, I filed a claim with BBT and the State Police, but I have already gotten my money back and have not heard from anyone.

Have yourselves a great day today.

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