Monday, February 20, 2017


I will be working out of the area the next few days and I'm not sure what my availability will be and how much internet access that I will have. With that said I'll be pre-writing this weekends blogs instead of live blogging.

Well today is President's Day, and the third day of my three day weekend from my normal job, but I'm still out here in Berkeley Springs ready to put in another day of working out in the field. The good news is that after I'm doe today, I'll be heading home to be with Michelle and prepare to start another work week at NETL.

A Special thank you to Michelle, for without her I would not have been able to get out in the field and get any work done this weekend. This is a study that is very much important and I really do believe in. So much so that I sacrificed a three day holiday weekend with my beautiful wife to come out here and collect data for a study that affects each and everyone of us. If I did not feel that collecting this information was very important, I wouldn't be out here doing this.

Let's get this day started so I can return home to Michelle tonight.

Hi ho hi ho

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