Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hump Day

Well it is day ten in a row for me, but the good news is I'm happy to report that after today, I have two days to go until I get a day off and have a weekend!!!! Now, lets get up and over that noon time hump and start that downhill movement.

I have to say that it was nice to be back in from the field and back into the office yesterday. I enjoy doing field work, but the places I was at had little to no cell phone coverage anywhere by any carrier. It was as if I had stepped back in time. The hotel I stayed at had very shaky internet coverage at best, so I really wan't able to do anything that took any time or band width as I had no idea when I would lose that s well.

Some good news, Michelle had a job interview yesterday and said she feels pretty good about it. We'll have to wait and see what they say before I go into any details. It could lead to a very solid career path with some very nice doors being opened up along the way. We'll keep our fingers crossed on this one.

As I worked this past weekend, Michelle went back home for a few days. Her and Laura are doing a little organization for Amanda's wedding that is coming up in the near future. I know Michelle said they are talking about having a big cookie baking weekend in the near future to bake a number of the cookies for the cookie room. Michelle and I had a cookie table at our wedding, Amanda and Joey are going to have a cookie room. Yum!!!!

Have yourselves a great day today.

Hi ho hi ho

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