Monday, February 13, 2017


Well here I start probably a long stretch of consecutive days working, it's time to stick our collective noses back on the grindstone for another fun filled week and extended week of doing what we do for a living.

Next weekend is a Holiday weekend and Michelle is talking about running back home, I will probably be heading to Paw Paw, West Virginia to do some field work for RTI. It's a section that we have not touched yet this quarter and we need to hit it pretty hard to get it done. They asked me to go last weekend but I made myself to available for this upcoming weekend instead.

Michelle has a follow up Doctors appointment for the tests that she had done a couple of weeks ago on Tuesday. We'll find out the results of the tests and make a plan to address them and move forward from that point on.

Have yourselves a great day today, live it to the fullest.

Hi ho hi ho

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