Saturday, February 18, 2017

And I'm Off

I will be working out of the area the next few days and I'm not sure what my availability will be and how much internet access that I will have. With that said I'll be pre-writing this weekends blogs instead of live blogging.

Well today I am on the road to Paw Paw West Virginia to do a little bit of field work. We have a large untouched section to do and I will be sacrificing my three day holiday weekend to come travel and work all weekend. I'll see how many of these lines I can knock out in the next three days before I return home Monday evening. I volunteered for this and sacrificed a Holiday weekend over a week ago, so there was nothing influencing my decision other than being a good team player and wanting to help out with this study as best as I can.

Paw paw is a couple hours away from Morgantown and I'm not going to waste half of my day traveling back and forth. Therefore I will be staying in Berkeley Springs this evening. It's just a short distance from Paw Paw so I can get up tomorrow morning and hopefully hit it pretty hard.

Have yourselves a Great Day.

Hi ho hi ho

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