Sunday, October 30, 2016

Relaxing Saturday done. Bring on Sunday

Well here I sit in the early AM, I am the first one to recover from that knockout blow from the dreaded Sandman last night, but then again I was the first one to get knocked out as well. I'm up watching the Martian on HBO and collecting my thoughts for the day.

I have to say that yesterday was my all time favorite trip that we have taken to Amish Country. I think we visited eleven stores, seven of which were places that we have never been to. Breitenbachs, the winery across the street, Tis the Season and the Flea Market were four that we always hit, but this trips objective was to find new places to build up our knowledge of the area.

I think I found a new favorite restaurant in the area, Guggisberg's Chalet in the Valley has to be one the the best restaurants I have ever eaten in. They are all part of the area and factory that invented my favorite cheese which is Baby Swiss, and they did  not disappoint, I had Pierogi Mit Knockwurst and Michelle has a Reuben with Italian Wedding Soup. If you are every in that area, I highly recommend trying this restaurant out, you will not regret it.

I think the place we visited that we enjoyed ourselves the most was a place we did not plan on going to but just happened to stop because there were so many people there. Hershbergers Farm and Bakery is where we stopped and fed my little friend here. They had goats on top of the barn that you fed them with a conveyor belt, they were making home made apple butter and home made kettle cooked potato chips. Michelle and I absolutely had a blast here. I want to go back and goat nap my new

I have to say with working so many days in a row, Michelle and I needed some quality time together and this provided it. It was great to get out and have so much fun.

Today it is back to our normal routine, grocery shopping laundry and a trip to our favorite bakery. We do have an invitation to go for a free chicken dinner at Riverside Apostolic Church, Chad Rowan whom I have worked with and went to college with is an assistant pastors there and has invited us.

Have yourselves a great day.

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