Wednesday, October 05, 2016


Well for the regular week workers it's the middle of the work week and you're on your way to another fun filled weekend. For me it's a break from one job for a day while I still work my full time job so I guess I can step back and take a breath

Michelle and I got our new iPhones on Monday, we both upgraded to the 7 Plus from the regular regular iPhone 6. I have to say I have mixed reviews so far about it, I'm used to having that "wow factor" from Apple but this time I just have a few grumblings rather than a bunch of excitement. We'll give it some time to see how it goes.

Other than that not really anything new going on. Long days for me still and the days seem to run together a little bit, but I'm prepared for it and taking it in stride. I do get to see Michelle for a couple seconds as she walks out the door to go to work every day, but other than that we're just chugging along.

It is getting to that time of the year when I start to spend a little bit of time on the Hall Family Tree, but I haven't done anything to it since I uploaded my DNA results to them and another site. I guess that I have hit a dead end with the brother search as my DNA does not match up to anyone in any databases for a sibling that close.

Have yourselves a great day, I get to relax for a little bit this evening.

Hi ho hi ho

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