Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day Off

Well after 27 consecutive days of either working my regular job with Sextant, or my part time field job with RTI or a combination of both of them, I have finally gotten to the point where I have a day off!!!!!

It was a nice long stretch and the streak is over with, but there is still some cleanup work to do for RTI and I'll be moving to another county here pretty soon to finish up what another Field Interviewer started and could not finish due to them just simply being in the area temporarily, I'll go in and finish it up for her.

Needless to say I think I've earned a day of rest and relaxation.

I did get my authorization for me to Travel to St Louis after the New Year for the re-certification that needs to be done every year. Michelle is planning on going with me on our dime (RTI pays all of my expenses and time). We'll be staying at the Marriott St. Louis Grand, which is just a few blocks away from the Gateway Arch. Michelle will have all the free time, I will be in a classroom my entire time there with the notable exception of the day we arrive.

Our plans or today are grocery shopping this morning and then visiting our favorite local bakery later this morning. We are on no time schedule today as I don't have to rush out this morning to do any field work. Woo Hoo

Have a great day today, I plan on relaxing!!!

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