Sunday, October 16, 2016

Happy Gospel Singing Koon Family Day

By proclamation last night by the Governor in honor of 50 years of singing together, and by the City of Westover who celebrated them and the Morgantown Mayor who proclaimed that today is the Gospel Singing Koon Family Day in Morgantown, I want to wish everyone a Happy Gospel Singing Koon Family Day.

We did't make it to the sing last night, but fortunately it was streamed last night on UStream and Michelle and I were able to watch the 3 hour event as they had a very magical night. They were all perfect as if Lottie was there in the flesh inspiring them, it was something to see and Michelle and I laughed, cried and smiled with them yesterday evening as we enjoyed the entire show. They were all phenomenal and my immediate family were all front row center for the nights festivities.

I did manage to buy a vinyl copy of one of their albums last night on Amazon, but now they seem to be sold out of them. I would like to get a copy of their DVD's if they are out there, it would be nice to add to my music collection to my iPhone.

Have yourselves a great day today and Happy Gospel Singing Koon Family Day.

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