Saturday, May 14, 2022

Saturday Morning Rumblings

Here I sit in a household full of animals, Peanut is off hiding somewhere as she is a very shy one and will not come out while Maybelline or Gracie are here. There is not interaction or fighting, she's just a spoiled cat and don't like animals invading her domain. Other than that it's pretty quiet around here this morning. 

It's commencement weekend here in Morgantown. West Virginia University will grant degrees to thousands of Graduates this weekend, between last night, today and tomorrow there will be a number of hoodings and other such events for our new Graduates as they either leave the world of Academia or continue their careers further or enter into the job market. This portion of their journey has reached its final stage as they are granted their degrees in good faith. Traffic will be busy both today and tomorrow so be careful when you are on this side of town. Getting a table to go out to eat at might be challenging till Monday. 

Me? My day includes me once again going out into the field to do some fieldwork for RTI both today and tomorrow. I forget how many days in a row it has been, the money is great but it is starting to wear on me with so many other things going on like Michelle's Mom and a house full of animals. 

Hayley and Tyler are flying into I think some place in Florida today, they'll be down in the Gulf Shores for about a week and a half or so before they return home. They'll be attending something called the Hangout Festival, her cousin Abby and her friend will be joining them next week and all returning early the following week. 

Have yourselves a great day

Hi ho hi ho it's day 26 in a row. 

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