Friday, May 06, 2022

Big Ole Hairy Friday

Yes, it is once again that time of the week that we all look forward to when we can take time to cease the labors for the week and take a little bit of needed time out to enjoy the fruits of those labors. It is once again the dawn of another weekend and a Big Ole Hairy Friday.

So what does it being Friday mean to me? I get to make a run to Walmart and Sam's club this evening after work as either Michelle or I or both of us do every Friday. I'm like clockwork with this and we usually either go out to dinner or order something to take home. What does it also mean? It also means I transition from working for one employer to working the weekend for another one. Michelle on the other hand has had her week extended another day as she is working tomorrow and will take Monday off. 

Today should be the last day of finals and you'll notice that the population of Morgantown is dwindling. If they have not already left for the Summer, they will be out of the dorms tomorrow and heading back home as the Semester and school year as we know it is over with. Traffic might be a little heavy this evening, but that is the students leaving. Graduation is next weekend, but after that it is pretty much smooth sailing until August. There will be a couple Summer Sessions, but the second one is just on the books, not sure if any classes actually take place. 

I am excited that the family is going to get together for a cookout in a few weeks. We don't get together nearly enough and it'll be great to spend some time with family, especially after a couple years of COVID. 

Have yourselves a great day and a start of a great weekend. 

Hi ho hi ho

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