Saturday, August 29, 2020

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I site yet once again in a quiet household, I think my co-author has quit or found better things to do with her time, so once again here is a weekend post without the help of Peanut. I'm up watching who knows what and actually just starting to wake up.

Today's plan I have been informed is a trip to Rural King to go and buy some more food for Michelle's backyard friends that seem to be growing. We've spotted 5 deer, a Buck, a Doe and 3 fawns that are now frequenting Michelle's bench where she feeds them. Birds galore, squirrels galore, groundhogs galore, I'm just waiting for the Kangaroos to start showing up for the free grub. It is quite honestly a zoo back there and Kiwi of course has been the master of ceremonies. Yesterday the 5 deer were eating the feed corn Michelle put on the bench and who was under the bench buddying up to our 4 legged guests, none other than my co-author Peanut.

Other than that not much to report, did get both cars inspected this week and I'm planning on traveling for work on Monday and Tuesday. I am going to be far enough away that it is going to call for overnight accommodations. Michelle is traveling for work on Wednesday, so we are going to have a busy week coming up for the both of us.

Have yourselves a great day

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