Sunday, August 23, 2020


Here I sit on a quiet Sunday Morning, I am once again attempting to recover from getting knocked out by the Sandman last night. The TV is on behind me but no idea what is playing and of course my co-author is once again no where to be found.

Helena's Birthday party turned out to be a big success, that little girl was definitely spoiled and hats off to both Bethanie and Hayley to all of their planning and organizing, Hayley utilized her Crikcut to make a number of decorations and signs. It was all Winnie the Pooh themed and turned out in my opinion exceptionally well.

Michelle and I will do our typical Sunday, grocery shop, chores, bills, etc for the day. Weather permitting I might even try to cut the grass today or push it off until tomorrow. I'll have to take a look at the extended weather forecast.

Have a good day and make it a special one.

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