Saturday, August 15, 2020

Saturday Morning Rumblings

Here I sit once again on a quiet weekend morning, Peanut is no where to be found once again and I'm out here flying solo writing my blog and waking up this morning.  No idea what is on the TV behind me and still have sleep in my eyes.

Michelle had her post surgery followup yesterday with her surgeon. Everything aligned up perfectly and they now have a removable splint on her with a sleeve that she can take on and off to shower. She can wiggle her fingers and the pain is much lower that it was while it was in that makeshift cast since surgery. I still swells and gets sore, but the pain so far isn't as intense and she can actually start to grip things now. They are going to wait a few weeks for physical therapy for the strength training, but for right now they just want her to gently work on her flexibility and range of motion. She still has three pins in her arm.

There are no real plans for us today. Hayley and  Bethanie (Her Maid of Honor)were here yesterday working on things for Helana's (Bethanies Daughter) Birthday Party next weekend. Tyler stopped by after work as well so we had a little get together and ordered some take out from Eat N Park as they were working in the back bedroom on her Crikcut. The two of them are very creative and I will say they are very good with that thing. Hayley was explaining some of the trouble she was having last week and yours truly with his Geography background was able to explain the difference between Rasters and Vectors and that seemed to be her solution.

Just checked the back yard and Mommy and Daddy Deer (6 point) are munching down on some sweet corn Michelle put of for them. They are so helpful in clearing up all the birdseed and corn that the feeders spill onto the ground and all the feed Michelle accidentally on purpose spills onto the ground.

Have yourselves a great day and make the most of it.

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