Saturday, August 08, 2020

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit once again in a quiet household in the early morning hours. I have no idea what is playing on the TV behind me and I just woke up for a restroom break. I think my co-author quit as she never seems to come around anymore when I'm writing.

Gerald is supposed to go home on Monday, he's been in the hospital or nursing home for some time. I went up yesterday morning and helped Mom get rid of the couch before they delivered his bed. Everything is set up and ready for him to return home now. What an inspirational return fight Gerald has put forth.

Hayley and Tyler are coming down this afternoon for a visit and I think to do some crafts to get ready for next years wedding. I would suppose she is bringing her cricut back to do some cutting. Michelle has promised to feed her Chinese food, she is so easy to

I think my bed is once again calling my name and I don't want to disappoint it.

Have yourselves a great day, make it a memorable one.

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