Saturday, May 05, 2018

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit last night writing this, we can just pretend that this is a live blog this morning, everything is quiet and truth be told I am probably sleeping in this morning.

A couple announcements, I'm pretty much done for the quarter with RTI, we entered clean up mode and my cases and refusals have been transferred to someone else to get final codes on. So I got the weekend off.

Next, yesterday was Michelle's last day at MEPCO. We knew late last fall that the mine was going to be shut down due to all the roof collapses and it was going to be done earlier this year and it was. The original plan was for Michelle to shut down MEPCO and then transfer over to  Longview, but Longview decided to not pick up anyone other than one or two people, so Michelle's time was limited after finding this out. We first thought end of June, then end of May was her official date, then it was moved to May 18th and Thursday she found out yesterday was her last day.

She has had a couple of interviews, one with EQT and one with AECOM, but both companies chose other candidates even though I thought she had the AECOM job to be honest with you. Now it's back to square one for her on the job searches, she's a talent and very marketable and wants to keep working. I have the utmost confidence in her that she will be a huge asset to someone.

I haven't said anything basically die to a lot of uncertainty, but now that her time is completed with MEPCO, a company she loved working for, it's time to close that happy chapter of her life and take on new challenges.

Have yourselves a great day today.

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