Monday, May 21, 2018


All good things must once again come to an end, but since I am working this Monday I have decided to just take next Monday off. Heck, we'll make it a National Holiday even. Now I just need to get through

Michelle is going to start a part time job today, she has been going nuts not working and just needed something to keep mind straight. She has found a part time job working for a local Veterinarian and doing their books, but there may very well be a bigger announcement later this week, keep your fingers crossed.

It's a softball night weather permitting, we play tonight at 7:00 on Ogden Field and will take on Lee Supply. Not sure who Lee Supply is, but the team that won it two years ago split into two teams and the team that won it last year (one of the two split teams) split into two again, this is one of those three teams. Hopefully we will be full strength tonight and have a little surprise waiting for them.

Have yourselves a great Monday.

Hi ho hi ho

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