Saturday, May 26, 2018

Saturday Morning Rambling

Alright, here I sit once again on a quiet Saturday Morning, it's still too early for me to stay up for the day, but not too early to sit down and collect my thoughts for the day and write them into a BLOG. The Television behind me is blank as nothing is on it (I was streaming Movies last night) and I'm up trying to decide what to do today.

A Couple of things, now that Michelle has found a new job, now it's time to start thinking about our next cruise. We've been discussing it over the past couple of days, and  I think we would like to go somewhere new on our next cruise. It's just a matter of deciding what we want to do, the time frame to do it and where we would like to go. We love the cruise we usually take, but maybe looking for something new and not dismissing the possibility of a longer cruise to reach some different ports.

That's the future, how about today. We are talking about taking a day trip somewhere, packing up the little grill and just going someplace for the day. Michelle has mentioned going to Blackwater Falls, but I think we will decide later this morning where we are heading to. Weather may play a part in our decision making, all I know is it is a Holiday Weekend and I know I would like to do something and get away for a little while. We did buy season passes to Hovatters last time we were there, so that could even be on the weekends agenda.

I hope everyone has a great day today, and please be careful today. There will be a lot of vehicles on the road and more traffic of people just simply traveling. Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Saturday.

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