Monday, May 07, 2018

It's Softball

Let the 2018 Old Farts League Officially begin. Yes the 2018 version of the Whitetail Crossing Men's Senior League Softball Season officially begins tonight.

Coach Smitty has sent to word to me from the beach, where is is still negotiating his contract and is holding out for beer, that our season starts tonight and I'm somehow running things this evening.

This will be our third season playing the Senior League, one that I tend to enjoy as I'm no where near the player I was ten years ago and am just there to have fun the past few years.

This years team is picking up three new players that I used to be team mates with through the years. Todd Greg, Scott "Scooter" Bartlett and Mike Hainze, all of which it will be an honor to hit the field with once again this season. Add that to the team we had last year and a few great guys we picked up last year, and we're going to have a pretty decent team once again this year.

Hi ho hi ho

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