Monday, May 14, 2018


Van Voorhis
All good things must unfortunately come to an end, and that includes those fun filled (or work filled based on the perspective) things we call weekends. I did have a pretty good weekend and Michelle was up visiting all weekend. I managed to get all the shopping done as well as started to mow the over due grass that just grew too high.

I did manage to get one drone flight in this weekend, I went and flew Saturday afternoon at a place with some real significance in my life, down in Van Voorhis. In the picture you see a green (color) house, that is my Grandparents old home before they sold it. The white house was actually their garage and I think I had an Aunt live in it for a while. The little garage on the top was one that I got to watch Pumpkin Wade build his garage, I was probably about 4 years old when he poured the cement and it was something we spoke about each and every time we saw each other up until the last time. I've posted the video at the end of the blog for everyone to enjoy, I was hesitant in going too far, since I did not have a spotter and that makes it a little rough especially when you are trying to orient something over a football field in the air and you can barely see.

I hope everyone has a great day today, live it to the fullest and make the very most of it. Accept new challenges and learn just one new thing, you'll be a better person if you do.

Hi ho hi ho

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