Sunday, May 27, 2018

Had a Great Day Yesterday

Here I sit at about the midpoint of my three day weekend, I'm up early treating heartburn and recalling our day yesterday.

It was a road-trip kind of day, after spending all winter and all week stuck in a cubicle at work, I needed a road trip to relax the mind a little. We decided that we were going to take a trip to Blackwater Falls.

On our way, we stopped at the Purple Fiddle in Thomas. It's owned and operated by a good friend of mine from High School, Johnny Bright, and it was more than worth the stop for lunch. He always has top notch talent come into the establishment from all over dare I say the world. This however was my first visit inside the establishment.

After that is was a trip to the Falls and down all of those stairs to the bottom. The weather turned out to be nice and we ignored weather reports and were able to enjoy the day. We took an alternative route home from the way we usually go and found that going through Terra Alta is so much quicker than the way we usually go on Route 50 with all those hairpin turns that leaves you passing your own stomach on a few of them.

Today, just our normal chores. I may end up going to the grave yards and placing flags either today or tomorrow, it's something I traditionally do this weekend.

Have a great day.

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