Saturday, March 24, 2018


Here I am up just past midnight (woke up to pee) and I decided to sit down and write my blog. Grease is playing on the boob tube behind me and I'm up collecting my thoughts.

We did do a lot of running around yesterday, we ended up going to Harry's and we bought three really nice Delmonico Steaks that we have marinating in the refrigerator as we speak. Chad has the best marinade that he uses, some personal concoction that is freaking awesome. We'll be firing up the grill for the first time in 2018 later this afternoon to fix them.

We also went to Defense in Depth yesterday to upgrade one of our firearms. We had one we bought from my niece a few years ago that was alright, it was more of a concealed carry firearm than a range gun so we decided to upgrade it to something a little more suitable for what we needed it for so we did upgrade it to something more suitable.

Typical Sunday for us, shopping and Phoenix bakery. This is going to be my last relaxing nothing to don Sunday for a while. Next weekend is Easter and the start of a new quarter for RTI, so my relaxing evenings and weekends are about to come to an end for a month or so. Hence why I am going to enjoy today.

Have yourselves a great day.

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