Saturday, March 24, 2018

Saturday Morning Rambling

Here I sit in a quiet household yet once again, the TV is on behind me and I have no idea what noise is being played, but something is on. I'm up early checking my NCAA brackets and reading on the WVU loss to Villanova and wiping my tears and collecting my thoughts for the day.

Well the Mountaineers Basketball season ended last night with a 90-78 loss to #1 seed Villanova in the Sweet 16. It was the final game for two great Seniors in Javon Carter and Daxter Miles Jr and we thank them for four very exciting years that they were our boys on the court. They will be missed and congratulations to Villanova on a hard fought win. I try not to jinx the Mountaineers before they play by posting anything here of any significance, it always seems to come back and bite me in the long run. Thank You to both of these great warriors.

Mine and Michelle's plan for the day are to take a trip north of the border and go to Harry's to stock up on some fresh meat. I swear since I found this butcher we have not bought any meat from anyplace else. He has an amazing product and service and it's more than worth the to up across Rich's Farms.

I did win my Cox Airplane this past week and it arrived a couple of days ago. It was still wrapped in the manufacturers plastic so I did debate as to whether to open it up or not for that reason. It was at that point I said myself I bought it to fly, not for any other reason and opened it up last night. It needs to be assembled and put together but I have everything I need to make it fly. I was determined to win the auction, but still got it at about half of what I thought it would go for.

Have yourselves a great day today, get out and try to enjoy yourselves. 

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